Case Study: Vehicle Wrap Advertising

Precision Garage Door fleet lining up before their morning drive.

Precision Garage Door fleet lining up before their morning drive.

Billboards. Magazines. Newspapers. Radio. TV. Not many years ago, those were about all the advertising options you had. Now, you find infinitely more. One of the most exciting—the vehicle wrap. Once just a gimmick, this is now a got-to-have in many advertising toolkits. Vehicle wraps solve so many problems! Branding. Advertising-in-motion. Improved client service. Consumer confidence. An alive professional presence across your market area.

Are you on the fence about using vehicle wraps in your business? Would wraps be a cost-effective solution for you? Try this checklist of questions.
Tick the box for yes…

  1. Is your product or service something everyone can benefit from?

  2. Do you or your staff spend much of your time driving a company vehicle around?

  3. Do you use a company vehicle to make service calls to clients’ homes or offices?

  4. Are you now using billboards to build brand awareness?

If you’ve checked a yes for two or more of these … then vehicle wraps likely are a real opportunity for you.

And—let’s be honest—they’re a real cost, too. So let’s see what some of our clients say…

The cost of one wrap is about the same as the value of one of our jobs. We track the calls we get. From our wraps we get—minimum—two jobs a month. [Since] the wrap will be on the vehicle at least five years, that’s a huge return…

No one noticed our vehicles before we wrapped them. We’d get [asked] what company we were with when we showed up. By not wrapping our vehicles, we were making our clients uneasy...

Our vehicle wraps are [always] in the top three advertising mediums we’re using, and we advertise on everything from Radio, Valpak, and Fox News TV and Web to Google AdWords.***

Wraps simplify the playing field. Instead of our clients going on Google and searching for the service they’re looking for, they go straight to our website or call us, completely cutting out the competition.

Go and see what a billboard costs and tell me a vehicle wrap is expensive. They’re the same thing, except a vehicle wrap can move! Billboards are rented, while vehicle wraps are owned. When used properly, vehicle wraps will help you target and organically grow your brand in your local market.

In LSI Graphics, you have the experts. We’ve designed and produced thousands of wraps. We offer real depth of insight into how you can get the most bang for your buck and help you track your ROI.

Here’s just part of the how …

Use a Unique Phone Number and URL

Include in your wrap a phone number and URL you use for nothing else. Put these on both doors and the back of your vehicle. The sides of your vehicle will get drive-by impressions and the back will face your potential clients when stopped in traffic.

Less is More

Go for a clean, powerful design. Display your logo prominently, along with your call to action. Make your brand easy to remember.

Color is Your Friend

Your vehicles need to stand out in traffic, and stand out from your competition. Bright, non-traditional colors will get your vehicles noticed. Certain other colors will help create special impressions you want—excitement, trust, and the like. One client of ours went so far as to say: “We made our cars look like clown cars (color wise) so there’s no chance a prospect can mistake our brand.”

Wraps aren’t always best. Example: If you are marketing a niche product that only 2% of people need, wraps shouldn’t likely be your first choice. Look into something more targeted—social media, for example. And do know: If we don’t think you’re a match, we’ll tell you.

If you’re interested in vehicle wraps, we’d love to help!

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