Does LSI still offer lamination and print-finishing services?
No.  We sold that division back in 2008.  Now we focus on our core divisions Grand Format Printing, Promotional Products, and POP Printing.

Where are your offices located?
Our one and only location is in Bartlett, Tennessee – a suburb of Memphis.

How many people work for LSI Graphics?
Although it changes from time to time LSI generally employees between 40 and 50 individuals.

What does “Grand” format printing mean?
A grand format print shop can handle the largest printing concepts the industry is currently capable of producing.  In addition to standard wide-format printing projects, grand format print shops can produce banners, decals, etc., that cover entire buildings, RVs, buses, trailers, billboards, and floors. LSI Graphics has invested in the BEST equipment possible so your grand format projects are produced and installed perfectly each and every time.

Do I have to have an account set up to order from LSI Graphics?
Not necessarily. Many of our services and products can be purchased by using your credit card. You can contact one of our sales reps by our toll free number 1-800-737-3032.

What is your return policy?
Please click here to view our return policy.

What are your fees/rates for proofing, installation, and production of signs?

  • Our hourly rate for design and installation labor is $75 / hour.

  • Proofs are FREE unless you do not use us as your production company — then they are $100/revision.

  • Site surveys are FREE unless you do not use us as your production company — then they are $75/hour.

  • File storage is FREE unless you do not use us as your production company — then we will charge $125 to send the requested art to you.

  • Signage consultation is FREE.

  • Bucket truck rental is $150/hour

Can you rush projects?
Yes, we can, but there is a 35% expediting fee associated with rushed projects. Projects are considered rushed if they require us to produce or install them within less than 48 hours notice.

Do you have standard production turnaround times?
Yes. Our guaranteed turnaround times are as follows:

  • 5-7 business days from design approval: Banners, Board Prints, Decals, RTA Vinyl, Door Logos, Project Signs

  • 10-15 business days from design approval: Vehicle Graphics, Billboards, Reception Logos & Letters (routable), Exterior Signage (routable), Interior Murals

  • 20-25 business days from design approval: Exterior Monument (water or laser jet cut), Digital Signage, ADA Package, Reception Sign (water or laser jet cut), Branding Package, Painted Signs