Sign Repair & Maintenance

LED Sign Repair

Servicing neon, fluorescent, LED, and pylon signs are all things we are contracted for on a one-off or monthly basis. Whether you have lights out, would like to change your sign's controls or what time it comes on, or maybe just cleaning of the sign face to bring the life back to one of your businesses main attractions. Some signs are very delicate and should only be handled by experienced technicians to avoid damage. We can also replace broken, cracked, brittle, or discolored sign acrylic to help your business look its best.

 Commercial Sign Repair

When it comes to the design and layout of the signs for your property, it generally falls under personal preference. However, some areas have ordinances in place for what can be installed on or in the view of the public right of ways and local jurisdiction property. Contact us to find out if your property may be affected by any local codes or ordinances to start planning your commercial sign.