LED & Neon Interior Signs

Interior Neon Signs

 Neon signs are a great way to bring a classic or vintage touch to your interior spaces. Your team and customers will love them, which is a win-win for you. Give us a call and we can create and install a custom indoor neon signs to fit your needs.

 Our two options available are either reverse mounted neon or exposed neon tubing, which is the classic neon style most are accustomed to seeing.

 Vinyl accents are available on the sign face for added detail and increased visibility and contrast.

 The modular construction of these signs also allows even the most giant sign to be shipped directly to your business via freight.

Indoor LED Video Displays

If you are like most venues, then you have to have high standards in regards to your video displays — indoor properties such as these demand vivid image detail and wider viewing angles than your typical screen. You want unparalleled brightness and contrast levels, sharper images, deeper colors, and a brighter display picture. LSI Graphics can provide that and more for you with revolutionary lightweight module designs making for quick, convenient display installation.


  • Our LED package provides wider viewing angles and extremely close viewing distances.

  • Advanced video processing produces crystal-clear, detailed images with smooth motion reproductions.

  • Image feeds delivered in both standard and high-definition formats.

  • Full-depth image calibration in the factory and the field provides for a uniform

    display picture.

  • Seamless integration with a variety of other video products gives you full control

    over your display.

  • There are many pixel pitch selections from 1.2mm to 20mm, capable of ultra-high

    definition (UHD) resolutions and beyond.