Christian Brothers High School Makes History

Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, Tennessee is an Independent, Catholic college-preparatory high school for boys in ninth through twelfth grade, in the tradition of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. Since 1871 CBHS has prioritized the tradition of transforming lives by committing to excellence in teaching, instilling a love of learning, fostering on-going moral development, and embracing innovative technology in an ever-changing world.

With nearly 150 years of rich history to share, it was time to transform their halls into something that highlighted their students and staff’s dedication to excellence in everything they do.

Here is the canvas in which Fleming Architects and LSI Graphics found ourselves working on updating.

Their current Hall of Fame had a vast amount of trophies, photos, plaques and awards, many of them decades old. The display cases were cluttered, and the Hall of Fame plaques needed to refreshing.

Fleming Architects remodeled the space, opening up four bays which LSI adapted to focus on the four key areas of Christian Brothers and Student Life. These included Academics, Athletics, Fine Arts and History. Within each region, we display impactful photographs direct printed on Clear Acrylic w/ .5” Stand-offs, a statement, also direct printed on Clear Acrylic and a TV which offers even more video and photographs.

The wooden frames were preserved by merely covering them in one of our architectural films, giving the surface an appearance of entirely new wood.

The Hall of Fame, now modernized, displays in the center of the hallway with 11” x 11” Clear Acrylic plaques listing each of the members inducted since its inception in 1968-69. There is a 55” touchscreen TV in the center of the Hall of Fame which allows visitors, students, and faculty to search through thousands of names from the past, to the present.

To complete the space, we created a slightly inset photographic mural along the top half of the wall which spans the entire length at 1050”w x 50”h.

The Hallway has come a long way through the process and now has a clean, modern feel that will withstand the test of time, not to mention having the ability to be updated with ease.



Steve Linville is the lead designer from LSI Graphics for the CBHS project. Steve is an expert at planning and redesigning spaces for clients who are wanting to tell their story. He is a master of user experience and visual design for environmental graphics.

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