College of The Holy Cross Brings Character to Team Locker Rooms

From academics and athletics to opportunities for spiritual development, the College of the Holy Cross strives to create an experience for its students and faculty that is among the best in the nation.

In this case, Holy Cross had just installed new lockers in their locker rooms, and realized there was something missing. The team locker rooms, although new and beautiful, did not yet share their culture and values. That’s where LSI Graphics came in. We helped create graphics that added a cohesive look and feel from the field to the locker rooms.

To do this, the LSI Graphics team met with the Athletic Director of Holy Cross to gain perspective on the goals and expectations of the locker rooms. The purpose of the project was to design a space representing each team while also maintaining a consistent look throughout.

Here are the areas where we helped Holy Cross deliver a more excellent experience to their athletics department.

Men’s Basketball Locker Room

Our designers loved working on the men’s basketball locker room because it was the biggest room which allowed more design aspects to be implemented. Not only did we create breathtaking, full-color murals but an honor wall was built to honor past graduates and showcase the professional teams they moved onto after college.

Men’s Lacrosse Locker Room

All of the locker rooms in this project include messaging on the walls that are meant to inspire a winning culture among the athletes and get them excited for games and practice. LSI Graphics met with each team’s coaching staff to decide on the right messages.

All of the coaches had a similar idea of making locker rooms a place where athletes feel comfortable and proud of the legacy they are building with their teammates.

Women’s Basketball Locker Room

Women’s Field Hockey Locker Room

Women’s Hockey Locker Room

Women’s Lacrosse Locker Room

Women’s Soccer Locker Room

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Locker Room Wrap Up

The successful branding of each locker room is defined by the consistency each has with the next. There are similar acrylic frames, dimensional signage, FlexFit Fabric, layered logos, and inspirational quotes found in each. However, each space is still distinctive because of the wide range of options and layouts the coaching staff could select from our different branded options.

Additionally, many of the locker rooms have frame systems allowing coaches to change out messaging each season, or sooner, depending on their goals. This allows more room for each team to customize its space!

Team Bus

To add an advertising element to this project, we fully wrapped the team bus and Zamboni, which gave the athletics department an extra point of pride.



Soccer Stadium

Finally, we finished up by filling the soccer stadium with massive, long-term mesh banners that bare the Holy Cross name.


Steve Linville

Steve Linville is one of our Graphic Artists and the lead designer for the Holy Cross project.

Steve is a very talented designer, and is especially skilled at creating graphics for sports teams and schools. His work on this project is just one great example of his expertise.

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