Shaking Things Up at the Home of the King

Elvis Presley is, without a doubt, the biggest name to ever leaves its mark on Memphis, TN. He is celebrated and acclaimed internationally as the King of Rock and Roll and every year during Elvis Week it becomes very apparent how he earned his reputation. For us, working with a brand with as much clout as Elvis and Graceland, there is an emphasized importance on designing every touch point for a guest’s experience.

With that in mind, here are some fantastic examples of how we’ve helped Graceland deliver a world-class, branded experience at every opportunity:

Graceland Exhibition Center

Opened in May 2019, the new 80,000 square foot exhibition center will house different traveling exhibits for every age and every interest.

This custom sign was designed to pull in elements on the exterior of the Exhibitor center and allow for an update-able video board.

Etched Glass

Etched glass provides a clean, simple way to show visitors the building they are entering. Since it has no color, it does not take away from the bright blue hues on the exhibition center’s exterior.

Way-finding Signs

Signs like these help ensure that guests get to where they are wanting to go and also translate to a more branded experience overall.

Exhibit Entrances

The entrances to exhibits were all wrapped with pigmented vinyl material. They appear to be painted, but vinyl allows the names of the exhibits to be switched out with ease.

“Elvis Presley’s Memphis” Entrance Banners

Restaurant and Gift Shop Graphics

Parking Lot Pole Banners

These simple pole banners thank guests for coming, and this final gesture allows visitors to leave feeling appreciated.


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