Top 9 Projects of 2018

Well folks, 2018 is officially at its close and with that comes a whole new year of possibilities. This year was definitely one of our biggest years as an organization yet and we are so grateful for the opportunities and challenges we were presented with to overcome. We love all of the projects we get to be a part of but we would be lying if we didn’t say we had a few favorites! So sit back and enjoy a rundown of our Top 9 projects of 2018.

9) PDS Multi-Dimensional Signage and Wall Mural

We worked closely with a vendor to make a 5 ft X 9 ft PDS logo, a double-layered shield with a halo lighting effect (pictured below). Upon arrival, we printed vinyl adhesive graphics for the front to achieve the PDS branded patterns you see. As a complimentary piece, The “Seven Virtues of Manhood” were added in the space to serve as an educational tool for parents and students alike.

8) Mighty Lights Window Graphics and LED Light Strips

We worked closely with local agency, DCA to create this innovative window graphic. The idea was to bring the spirit of the newly lit Memphis bridge to life by incorporating LED light strips and using them to mirror the shape of the Mighty Lights logo. More info on the design of this project can be found on DCA’s page.

7) Aston Martin Blackout Package

At LSI Graphics, we do roughly 5+ vehicle wraps a week. It’s not every week, however, we get the opportunity to wrap something as elegant (or as expensive) as an Aston Martin DB11.

6) Explore Bike Share Wraps

As we continue down our list of awesome projects, we’re beginning to find more and more that we hold near and dear to our hearts. The Explore Bike Share project, for instance, marked a major effort for the City of Memphis to incorporate a modern bike sharing platform that everyone could enjoy. We wrapped kiosks all over the city as well as hundreds of bikes sponsored by local organizations such as “I Love Memphis” and “Memphis Zoo”. Once again, the team of DCA is credited with the beautiful, modern graphic designs.

5) Mempho Music Festival Stage Graphics

Some of the coolest designs we had the honor of producing this year could be found at the newest festival to hit the Memphis music scene, Mempho! This second-year festival featured everything from radical “buffalo souljas” with Gibson guitars in-hand to psychedelic lava lamp patterns that complimented the festival’s atmosphere. All-in-all, this one was pretty far out!

4) Memphis in May International Festival

Memphis’ very own and longest running festival celebrating everything from music to barbecue was another unforgettable experience for us. For this month-long celebration, LSI Graphics helped with signage needs big and small. From stage and fence mesh banners to promotional products for teams and corrugated signs for BBQ Fest teams, there was no shortage of signage. We are looking forward to celebrating again when Memphis will be recognized as the honorary city to coincide with its bicentennial!

3) Ole Miss Stadium Signage

Wow! This project was a big one! The logo and letters were so big and heavy we had to use a crane to lift them over the stadium wall. Each letter is 2’ tall and was mounted to a 40’ plinth. If you’d like to read more about the entire project, here’s our blog on it. To assist Ole Miss in continuing their branding efforts we also wrapped their tour bus.

2) 50 Year Memorial of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

2018 was a big year for Memphis for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest was 2018 marked the 50-year memorial of the assassination of the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. We were honored with the chance to help with all types of event signage but also with permanent installations for the Memphis Heritage Trail historic sites throughout the city.

1) Cleveland Cavaliers Building Wrap

And if you hadn’t guessed this one then you haven’t been paying attention! This building wrap was comprised of 14 billboard-sized panels (each 16’ x 200’ in size) and then welded together to make one seamless image. It weighed in total over 4,000 lbs! For full project details, click here. You can ask anyone on the team, we’re still hurting from lifting this monster billboard!

In closing, 2018 was a very exciting year in the signage world. Wishing you all the best in 2019!

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