Penn State Revamps Louis and Mildred Lasch Football Facility

The Louis and Mildred Lasch Football Facility had been under renovation for a couple of years. We were brought in for Phase 3, the meeting room demo, reconstruction and design, specifically the design.

Evan and I met with the construction company and the Football Operations Manager to determine the direction, the expectations and to visualize the completed design. We created a design for each of the 8 meeting rooms plus an All-American Plaque which is displayed in the hallway. There are a total of 11 All-American plaques, one for each position although Defense was broken into End and Tackle, plus QB and Special Teams.

Mortenson and PSU provided the original install concept and direction, a mockup of the space. We worked with the PSU operations group and the photographer to nail down the final direction find the appropriate player photographs, inspirational quotes, All-American information including players, positions, years on the team, etc. then, we designed the layout, the placement of players in each room, the quotes on specific walls, chose the most impactful fonts, and completed a full vision for each room and the space as a whole.

The background was created using subtle gradients of the PSU Blue and a variance of angled line patterns. The photos of the players were provided in their native format and required extreme amounts of 'Photoshopping' from skin tone edits to the removal of all logos and branding other than the PSU logos, changes in colors, contrast, sharpness, and some of the more in depth updates included changes in face masks, jersey numbers and helmets.

You would be hard-pressed to determine which players were edited. The designs are true to the PSU Blue, to the PSU mantra of “WE ARE”. Instead of focusing on any one player, the imagery and messaging focuses on the team as a whole.

The project was long and at times tedious but I was able to work on every piece of the project. I touched every file, edited every photo, every background, every All American plaque. It was a large and fun project and the best part is seeing it on display.



Steve Linville is the lead designer from LSI Graphics for the PSU project. Steve is an expert at planning and redesigning spaces for clients who are wanting to tell their story. He is a master of user experience and visual design for environmental graphics.

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