Memphis University School Showcases Athletic Program History with Gymnasium Lobby Renovation

The athletic program at MUS has had decades of great coaches, great players, and great success. MUS wanted to showcase that success, so they reached out to LSI Graphics to make that vision a reality.

LSI worked closely with the school and architect on their framework of ideas as we functioned as consultant, designer, installer, project manager, and production house for this renovation. MUS wanted to not only recognize the great coaches and players, both team and individual sports, but also the donors who made the project possible. Now with the project complete, we are glad people will get to see the hard work both parties put in to make this happen.

Phase One

Athletic History Wall

We found several of the primary graphic elements would already fit in the current architectural structure. The “Great Teams” area and the large letters in the eaves of the vault fit perfectly into the space, we helped fine-tune and brought the vision to fruition.

Phase Two

The goal of the next phase of the project was to expand upon the visual language established in the first phase. We wanted to help MUS continue to tell more of their story and highlight their proudest moments in athletic history. The graphics help people envision what it's like to attend athletic events at MUS. Even if people have never been to a game in the gym, they can look on the walls for a glimpse of why the school is proud of its athletics as you see countless great players or the mural of students cheering on their team.

Great Players Wall

Coach Jerry Peters Dedication

The composition Coach Peters wall was the most rewarding portion because it was the most challenging. We scanned old photos from yearbooks to push the quality of the content to the limit, and our designer had to step out of his comfort zone when artistically composing the various images into a cohesive grand-scale collage.

Sue Hyde Dedication & Donor Wall

Spirit Wall

Conference Room Frosted Logo

Final Thoughts

We believe the different pieces all work together to display the successes the school has had in their athletic program, as well as acknowledge the individuals and teams that made it happen. The information is presented clearly while also enhancing the space with carefully considered and visually consistent graphic elements.


Austin Barnes

Austin Barnes is our Creative Director and the lead designer for the MUS project.

Aside from being a talented designer, Austin also has a background in architecture, making him a perfect fit for projects where an architectural firm is involved.

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